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Welcome to HERoines Inc. A safe space and platform to help women master real-life experiences.

About us

About us

Our goal is to encourage and motivate the everyday woman by giving her the tools to overcome everyday challenges and meet women who have faced and overcome the same challenges. By helping one another, women can transform not only our peers but the world.


When women feel confident about their bodies, their worthiness, and their intelligence, they can go into the world and express themselves without intimidation. We believe there’s no better time than now.


There are no rules for achieving your goals and living the lives that you want to live, but we aim to help our HERoines along the way. You can master your everyday experiences in the real world.

Since 2011, HERoines Inc. has been helping women, young and old, create the lives they want to live through events, girl talk, books, videos and more that support and empower them to follow their dreams.


We help them embark on a journey of finding their true selves by organizing events that discuss women’s issues with the help of women who share their experiences. Our events are a mix of girl talk and fun. There are also signature events that happen every year such as #UnWined, Heels Class for a Cure, and #ImprovYourself. These signature events are led by a guest speaker who has had a breakthrough in the presented topic. She’ll speak about her personal experiences followed by hands-on games, activities, and open conversations. And, of course, there’s wine and delicious appetizers.

The idea of Heroines came from the discomfort many of us feel when we reach a period in our lives when we wonder “what’s next?”


As college was coming to an end, our Founder Jolaubi Osho and friends had similar concerns about what would life after college be like? They never thought they would have to make life decisions so soon which was terrifying. They wondered How could they deal with real world experiences? Like getting the job of their dreams?  Building relationships that were actually good for them, and more? However, what was comforting was the fact that they were not alone. So Jolaubi decided to try a new approach to “girls’ night” where she gathered with friends and created a safe space for them to discuss these uncomfortable and daunting topics with each other and also give each other advice.  Eventually these monthly sessions became more and more popular, friends brought additional friends and more women realized that they can benefit from the advice that they received from each other. 


Eventually the numbers of attendance continued to grow and a year later in September 2013, Jolaubi opened these monthly girls’ night events to the public because she realized that many women could benefit from the valuable life lessons and experiences discussed in the sessions. In 2014, HERoines Inc. was born and has been a platform and sisterhood for women to embrace the sometimes uncomfortable and unpredictable journey of self development in a supportive environment. Our events focus on all the areas that a woman may work on throughout her life: career, health and wellness, spirituality, relationships, fun and recreation, and, finance.  And we include experts in each that serve as moderators for discussion and teach our attendees something from their field. We also host monthly challenges that focus on topics of wellness and motivation and fundraisers that support different causes.

Our story

Our Team

Jolaubi Osho
gina martuscello.JPG
Gina Martuscello
Marketing Communications

About our Founder

Jolaubi Osho is the founder of HERoines Inc.


Previously, Jolaubi assisted with marketing, public relations, event management, and social media outreach strategies for tech and entertainment companies, including Spotify. She is an advocate for empowering women and created her own nonprofit HERoines Inc., to encourage the self-development and growth of women by showcasing the slogan, “the emphasis is on HER,” through special events, blogging, videos, and seminars. Jolaubi obtained her B.A. from Fordham University in Communications with a minor in Business Administration.

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