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Our newest online challenge!


“Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life."

- Harbhajan Singh Yogi

HERoines has spent a few years creating challenges, events, and accountability groups to challenge our community to be their best selves. We have learned so much in the past year about what’s truly important and have heard the same from our event attendees. We have created a mind, body, and soul challenge for members of our community to continue to challenge our members to grow called with.IN. THIS Fall on September 12th, we begin the self-mastery series with the spirit in a journaling series for the soul.


Soul is the first area of three in our self-mastery series. Who are you? You are more than your job title, past, financial situation, age, and what people think of you. Join us in a journaling and goal setting challenge to look within and master something beyond work. We will have two live classes while we are working on this challenge. 


This is the second area of the three in our self-mastery series. What are thoughts or things you need to work on? This is a meditation and affirmation making challenge.When is the last time you sat still and honored yourself just for being. Starting October 10th, join us for this challenge and two live classes while working on this challenge.


The third challenge of the three in our self-mastery series is about the body. How often do you stretch, do you move your body, and or walk with confidence? You are the person who has power over this. Starting November 14th, join us as we give you a few fun and empowering challenges to move with intention. This will include live yoga classes.

All live classes will be recorded and can be played back.

What is it?

After filling out a questionnaire, you will receive weekly emails with the following:

  • Activities

  • Inspirational Videos and/or Photos

  • Affirmations

  • Check-ins/Survey

These activities should take you no more than 5 minutes a day.


Why now?

There has been many changes that we have been navigating and even more than the usual after the events of 2020 and it is ongoing. It is during the tough times when self-care is crucial for our well being. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we don't have the opportunity to see all that we do have or need a little help seeing that we have the power with.IN to do and be better. 


There's more!

Take the entire challenge or try one and see what you think. The price will be $30 for each area separately, $55 for two areas of mastery, and $75 if you sign up for the entire program now. Bring a friend or make a friend who is working on self-mastery. Can’t wait to grow with you!

If you haven't already, become a HERoines member today to get cheaper deals on this challenge and future ones. You'll also get extra perks such as discounts to events and more! Read more about it here.

All donations to HERoines Inc. are tax deductible.

Questions? Email us at

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Sign up for our challenge!

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If you become a HERoines member, you'll get cheaper prices on this challenge and future ones! Become a member here.

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