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Our newest online challenge!

“We are all more blind to what we have than to what we have not."

- Audre Lorde

When life gets tough, it is easy to feel sad, and hey, it is often justified. Even when things are going well, it is all too easy to spiral into a sad sack of sorrow (and yes, that is the technical term). In this day and age, were money and power seem to equal success, it is easy to focus on how much we do not have instead of all the things we can be grateful for. 

When we focus on the good in life, we are setting the stage to move towards more good things. So for September’s 30 day challenge it’s time to move towards successes and wins, instead of focusing on the failures and hardships.  

See what good things gratitude can help you accomplish starting September 1st. 

What is it?

After filling out a questionnaire, you will receive weekly emails with the following:

  • Activities

  • Inspirational Videos and/or Photos

  • Affirmations

  • Check-ins/Survey

These activities should take you no more than 5 minutes a day.

Why now?

The summer is a time where the temperature rises along with your vitamin D content. Why not take this time to also boost your spirits and find empowerment through gratitude? This challenge is a great step in improving yourself and taking control of your future. 


There's more!

Need some gratitude guidance? Sign up for our private Group Chat to get more inspiration and check-ins throughout the challenge. If you wanna go the extra mile, we can also match you with an Accountability Partner.

This challenge is free for both members and non-members! However, members get free access to the Group Chat, and they can get matched to an Accountability Partner for just $10. Non-members can get access the Group Chat for $10 and get an Accountability Partner for $20. 

If you haven't already, become a HERoines member today to get cheaper deals on this challenge and future ones. You'll also get extra perks such as discounts to events and more! Read more about it here.

All donations to HERoines Inc. are tax deductible.

Questions? Email us at

Sign up for our challenge!


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Sign up for our challenge!

What part of the campaign are you signing up for?

If you become a HERoines member, you'll get cheaper prices on this challenge and future ones! Become a member here.

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