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The HERoines mission is to educate her, broaden her perspectives and empower her. We provide the fundamentals for her excellence and success through conversations and workshops with an underlying focus on growth. Learn more

Namaste & Chill

Join us in an exclusive Meditation class at MNDFL’s Greenwich village on Saturday, July 20th from 2-3pm. 
Event Details

I love going to HERoines events!

The best part of every event is when we get to share our stories and connect. It's always interesting to hear the different opinions on one thing. I also love the dance classes and giving our admission fee to support research for breast cancer cures."
- Deneica Glenn

Upcoming Events

Self-Care Saturdays

After all that's happened we created the perfect way to not only share what HERoines is all about but to empower a community that has dealt with a lot over the years but only felt heard over the past few months with #SelfCareSaturdays. 
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