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8 Free Resources You Can Use During Quarantine

How are you? These times have been rough! We’ve learned that it is a time to focus on the things that matter and that maybe time with loved ones, working from home, taking a well needed break, resting, and/or most importantly YOU!

BREATHE! There are mixed messages on social media about what to do at this time but you are the only one that knows what you NEED.

We are still here for you. We’re here for your well being, for you to get through this, for you to create the life that you desire with the tools that you need to achieve them. Below are a list of companies and sources where you can learn a lot for free.

Coding via GirlsWhoCode

In response to COVID19, GirlsWhoCode has a free course to teach kids, adults, and families how to code through a few educational activities online and offline. These activities range from beginner to advanced. To read more about it checkout:


The following companies are offering exercise routines on their platforms and/or instagram pages.

305 Fitness - 305 Fitness is a fitness company that offers dance cardio exercises that focus on the full body to areas like abs and legs. There is a digital events page that lists the layout of upcoming classes led by the founder and master instructors at 305. These classes take place at 12pm and 6pm ET everyday on Youtube live.

Women’s Health Magazine has shared exercises on their website and on instagram.

Bandier also has free workouts on their instagram live at 4pm EDT everyday.

Equinox, Orange Theory, Planet Fitness, SELF, CorePowerYoga, and Soulcycle also teach classes live on their social media pages, and/or platforms. Visit their instagram pages for more information.


The following companies give free meditation classes. There are free meditations whenever you would like to take them available on the app, Inscape Timer. You can also use Headspace’s meditations for this time called Weathering the storm. Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey also have a 21 meditation challenge on their website.


Coursera is an online platform that gives free courses from some of the top universities across the world. These courses are on various topics across the sciences such as creative writing, music production, marketing, coding, UX/UI design, language learning, personal development, economics, and more.


EDX is also an online platform that offers free courses from schools like Harvard, MIT, and Hong Kong in architecture, chemistry, design, and more.

Learning to Play the Piano

Chloe Flower is a talented pianist and composer. Fun Fact: She played an arrangement she created on the piano introducing Cardi B during her set at the 61st Grammy Award show. During this quarantine, Chloe is teaching free piano lessons via youtube teaching songs from Mary Had a Little Lamb to Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy.

Writing Prompts

Nicole Leffer is a spiritual coach and intuitive on her website she shares 30 journaling prompts that anyone can use to write during this time.

Author and Wellness consultant, Alexandra Elle, also has writing prompts that you can use at this time on her website.

Learn Makeup Tricks

Celebrity Makeup Artist Camara Aunique is teaching makeup tricks live on her instagram Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5pm EST. The UK makeup brand Peaches & Cream offers free classes live on their instagram.

Improve Your Culinary Skills and Learn a New Recipe

The blog Food52 shared 12 awesome chefs that are teaching how to cook on their live pages during this time.

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Bryan Castaneda
Bryan Castaneda
May 23, 2022

Insteresting, i wish i read this back in 2020


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