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Talented Thursdays: Invitation by Evelyn Rivera

Updated: Aug 1, 2019


You see how slavery is more organized ? And game is more strategic to epitomize the social life of my God given right to birth, and be wives. But see, you need an INVITE to insult me you need an invite to impress me You need an invite to belittle me You need an invite to define me Because regardless of what you say or what you think, that freedom to take over and shrink me mentally won’t have a pint of my ink Because you need an invite to click my link. I am definitely on the brink. You cannot affect me unless you have an invitation. Exercising the first amendment is swell But do not step to me w your misogyny thinking you know me well, it’s thinning your cerebellum Just because I have a vagina, shouldn’t that be a reminder that you have a mother, shouldn’t you love her? This is all a reflection of you. You invited yourself to play yourself and repress your truth. You can kill us but we heal us. Carry the world on our backs We all know you secretly wish you were black

Keep up.

See what I’m saying is that this ain’t your party. You will never be invited to delicacy. Excellent minorities who are the majority, ruling and permanently imprinted in time Game fair. You can kill us but we’ll never be scared. Who is really here ? Who do you really fear? we invited you to peace We invited you to harmony But you burned the invitation w Trayvon Threw salt on Mike Brown Can you even say their names, where are they now? Putting our hearts up in smoke Killing our soul as soon as Eric Garner was choked Funny you can provoke, when provoke is a crime, history and time deaths invitation with inconsistent selection Slow down.

See, You need an invite to see me. You probably think that I am angry .. because I’m a woman with an opinion, typical. Well let me invite you to my world, reciprocal.

Keep up.

Evelyn Rivera goes by the pen name Erogenous Storm. She is 26 years old and from Brooklyn, NY. Evelyn has been writing since 5th grade. Life was so rough as an adopted child. As a result, the young poet used writing and dancing as an escape. She started dancing at the age of four and has been gracing the stage ever since.Although dance is her first love, she uses writing to express, release and share personal experiences in hopes of saving and restoring hope amongst all ages. In Evelyn’s words, “It is my strength, poetry is power.”Becoming a mother has caused her on an endless journey towards her betterment, which can be seen in her work. The theme of her poetry blog isare “words are like little gods ” and her movement is called “believe.affirm.receive.”

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