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Talented Thursdays: What If? by Karie Bouchard

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

what if i never met you? i probably wouldn’t flinch every time a male friend wants to hug or tickle me. i wouldn’t be so afraid of leaving my house. i wouldn’t curse the heavens every night for forcing me to deal with this experience. but on the other hand… if i hadn’t met you, i wouldn’t be a survivor. i wouldn’t have been able to help other women who are just. like. me. so although every inch of me wants to hate you, i thank you. for giving me the experiences that made me the woman i am today.

your mind is a canvas and my words the paintbrush, gently creating the vivid stories i need you to connect with. — karie bouchard

hello, love! my name’s karie bouchard. it’s a pleasure meeting you here. i’m a self-published novelist from the heartfelt borough of brooklyn, new york city. i take pride in being black as well as being of haitian descent. i’m quite introverted; i prefer to keep quiet and listen rather than talk. to compensate, i write out my thoughts and feelings. as you may imagine, i’m always busy losing myself in my writing. the objective is to take you along with me as i travel the corners of my mind, so you see all that i see.

i shy away from taking front-facing self portraits because what i look like shouldn’t matter to my readers. it’s not my looks that i want you to relate with, it’s my words. so here, have this cup of tea (or coffee, if you’re feeling adventurous) and embrace your inner avid reader. let my words become your new best friends. they’ll provoke feelings that i’m sure you wouldn’t expect them to. nevertheless, i promise you won’t regret it.

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