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14 Must-Know Tips to Help You Live By Your Own Rules!

Living more autonomously or living by your rules means living by your own standards. When you live an autonomous life you have confidence in yourself. You know what you want. You’re also assertive and don’t dare to apologize about it. You refuse to live life or shape your perceptions or ideas around other’s expectations and opinions. You don’t mind standing alone.

This doesn’t mean that ones who live a life guided by their own rules are always in disagreement with what most people like or do. It simply means that they stand for and only do what feels right to them regardless of the amount of people with or against them.

In my eyes it’s a courageous and beautiful way of living.

While this way of living has its perks like being in alignment with your true self and wishes you also stumble and learn how to be better at being more autonomous…

Here are some things I’ve learned that strengthen me as a individual and help me get closer to the autonomous lifestyle I wish to one day completely master .

It is okay to ask for help but don’t rely on it. Always have a solo plan.Those who truly care don’t care about your bank account. Don’t try to keep up with others’ material acquisitions.Most people give advice based on their own abilities and disabilities not based on yours. Only take advice that pushes you to grow.If you obsess over being perfectly ready to take off, your train might leave without you. Get going already!I know more people who speak about what’s right or wrong than people who actually do that thing that’s right or wrong. Be a doer not a talker.If your vision or idea is innovative- why are you surprised they can’t see what you see? Show them!Having loved ones around is great but always be your biggest and primary source of inspiration, joy and happiness.

Read ‘Four Simple Habits to a Better Day’Don’t expect from others what you can’t give yourself.Always be kind to others. Once you do that, you have permission to not care about other’s opinion about you. It really isn’t your business.Before you self diagnose with depression make sure you’re not actually surrounded by ***holes. If you are, build new and better relationships.Self-love is the greatest gift you can give humanity. Check out ‘Five Ways to Be Kinder to You’Appreciate contrast. Accept others as they are.Nine out of ten times your gut is wiser than your brain. Listen to it!Absolutely no one knows what’s best for you more than you know what’s best for you. Be your own best friend.

Live as an artist. Paint your life as a form of expression without a care about what others think about your art. Don’t try to change anyone and appreciate everyone. Live for you and allow others to the same.

“Who survives society’s stereotypes without loosing not even a gram of his essence can defeat evrything and everyone.” -Benjamin Griss

Lessons never stop showing themselves and I am sure that if you sat to write down on paper all the wisdom you have learnt it’d be hard to finish. I hope these helped inspire you. What are the biggest lessons you’ve picked up from experience? If you were to give your child or a loved one thing to live by, what would it be?

Thanks for reading! Ana

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