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5 Ways to Move On From Heartbreak


People think of it as a time for us women to indulge in ice cream and other gluttonous treats,  or to sit in a bed full of endless tissues and a face full of tears. It might be true for some but I have provided 5 steps that I find very useful in order to move on from those that we must move on from.

5 Ways to Move On from Heartbreak

1. Focus on the lesson and what you learned from what has occurred. We sometimes look at the memories and although they can be comforting, they often force us to become stuck exactly where we don’t wish to remain: in pain. Instead, focus on the questions: What would you do again? What wouldn’t you do again? What did you not pay attention to that you should next time? Dating is not just about meeting people and shared experiences; it is also a learning process. You learn so much about people and yourself with each situation.

2. “It’s okay to be down but not to stay down.” You are human and so it may hurt, but that’s okay. What’s not okay is using this experience to become to stay stuck in your pain. Sadness is a choice, but so is happiness. While you’re choosing to be upset over the situation, the other person has already moved on with his or her life. You owe it to yourself to make this one life that you live the best one.

3. Spend time with friends and/or do things that you love. Do not put your life on pause for heartbreak. You have one life to live and one of the easiest ways to move on is to literally keep moving. When you don’t feel so bright call one of your friends or take small steps to a big goal that you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

4. Don’t paint that person as the devil!!! It is so much easier to see the person that hurt you as everything ugly to feel better about the heartache that he or she must’ve caused you…. Or is it? Sometimes thinking about a person negatively takes away from the purpose of not thinking about them at all.

5. Delete delete delete!!! Do not remain in communication with the individual from whom you are moving on. If having them in your life was no issue, there would be no need to move on from them.

Written by : M.O.

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