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Quarter Life Crisis: Wake Up Call!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

I’ve been flipping out!! I’m becoming an adult, which I think I realized 500 bills ago and I’ll be 25. Although I’ve accomplished a lot, today I received a call from an advanced degree company and what sounds like an opportunity to most was a huge wake up call for me. The company was a scam but the wakeup call wasn’t. I didn’t go to grad school because I didn’t feel like that was a necessary step for the career that I want right now. I also think about how many strides that I could’ve made had I pushed harder, worked daily on my dreams, and not get caught up on quick ways to make a come up. We need not to compare ourselves and our journey to anyone else’s path. Do not let the pressure of turning 25, 30 or any of the milestones scare you! I would complain about so many “obstacles” that blocked me from achieving my music dreams or smaller goals such as money, time, writer’s block, no beats, etc. I know that these are things that really shouldn’t hold me back and that I was being lazy. I already kicked my own ass and started pushing forward by the time that you read this. There’s important quotes that have been shared with me that allowed me to rethink how I’m using my time. They keep me motivated and help me stay focused. Note: I keep a long list of quotes that I refer back to and recommend it!

Here are 3 of the many quotes:

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.”H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

If you are already working on your goals and working towards your dream then opportunities will come to you. Share your work if you’re a musician, makeup artist, dancer or even speak about what you are studying to become, what you’re reading etc. Chances are that someone might see an opportunity that may interest you and share it with you because they see that you are putting in a lot of work and are serious about it. This reminds me of the next quote.

“Work gets Work!”Wendy McKenzie

My acting coach who I love and adore shared this very important quote. Work gets work. It shows when you are serious about your craft or skill. How can someone recommend you for a job or hire you if you have no examples of your work, foundation or take initiative for yourself.

“Fully commit yourself to your goals and watch your obstacles evaporate.”Eric D. Hill

The only person in the way of what you want is yourself. You can always find a way to accomplish your goals. Before I created HERoines Inc., I didn’t have a job and never had my own business. There was a ton of obstacles: Money, having a team, and experience running a business were some of the most important. I started read about nonprofits and look up alumni resources from the college that I went to. An alumni business class, online course, nonprofit books and some trial and errors later HERoines has put on a lot of successful events and continues to be a platform for women to empower one another.

I know that I’ve only given bits and pieces for my journey but with each blog post I will dive deeper into my self-development journey, my journey as an entrepreneur, and being a full time dream chaser!

Stay Tuned.



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