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Staying Strong Despite the Country's Current Climate

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Only 2 days afterv the results were handed down from our presidential election, there is a lot of fear mongering, hate, and belittling happening on social media, in media outlets, and communities across our nation. As women, it’s crucial that now, more than ever, we stick together and lift each other up. We’ve been fighting a long time for our rights and freedoms, and now is not a time to divide ourselves in factions and argue.

We’ve seen hate exhibited towards women, most recently one running for president. Don’t let it discourage you. The fire will keep burning. Let this mere bump in our paths inspire us to do better, work together, and achieve the platform we always wanted.

Strength comes in numbers. Reach out to loved ones, connect with female colleagues, and start discussions with other women in your lives. Hear what they have to say. Support one another. Join groups and networking events where you can spread the female strength.

Most of all, use our platform here as a resource to stay positive, despite all the negativity we may face.

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