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Fall in Love With Your Natural Beauty

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Everyone has the right to feel beautiful. If a woman feels beautiful with makeup or without it, it is her choice. Over the years, the perception of beauty has become highly skewed. We live in a society that greatly associates physical appearance with standards of beauty. As a result, if a woman applies too much makeup or no makeup, they are always the target of criticism in some manner.

There are many statistics related to self esteem and image issues that show that society has created dire consequences for women of all ages.

We are dedicating this post to natural beauty and how to accept it. Believe it or not, we all are beautiful in our own ways. The fact that one person is not like the other, both in physical appearance and personality, is an aspect of beauty itself.


The day we stop comparing ourselves to others, we will have more time to focus on how unique we are. We are all born with natural beauty but we never take enough time to accept it. As a result, we spend our years never realizing that we look good just the way we are. It has an impressive impact on our self-confidence and self-esteem.


When you stop comparing yourself to others, you will eventually realize your own uniqueness and importance. What you bring to this world can’t be accomplished by anyone else. We are all born beautiful and the changes that occur over time are proof that we have lived. No one will stay flawless or perfect after they have gone through a few hard years of life. If you have scars, stress lines or blemishes, it is all evidence that you have struggled and survived the rough terrains of life. And there is nothing more beautiful than that.


Have you ever looked at someone and realized that they seem quite genuine and honest in terms of how they carry themselves?

The idea is not to start comparing yourself but to get inspired. We usually feel insecure because we don’t accept our natural looks. We may not laugh out loud because one of the teeth is crooked and end up looking constrained. We may slouch ourselves because we feel too lanky. We may keep our hair on what side because that side of the face is dull. There are plenty of examples and the result is the same; we look like we are carrying burdens and never feel light on our feet.

Therefore, it is important to accept our natural beauty. The day you accomplish that, you will feel a new bounce in your step, more freedom and good in your own skin. You will exude this confidence that will not only bring positive changes to your life but of those around you as well.

The lesson we learn is that the sooner we show acceptance for own beings, the better we can do in and for this world.

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