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Summer Eyes for Your Summer Style

Summer has officially graced us with its presence and there’s loads of colors that we can now welcome back into our wardrobe *cue applause.* Vibrant greens, sky blues, hot pinks, and bright yellows are now all we can include in our day to day. But the chances of pulling off an outfit with all these colors are pretty slim. Luckily, there’s a way to rock out all this color without looking like a clown. It will just be taking place on your eyes instead of your attire.

Step 1

You’ll need to prime your eyelids with a shadow primer or a matte based concealer. Then evaluate your eyeshadow palettes and decide which one best shouts “Summer!”  I’m using the Violet Voss Flamingo palette valued at $45.00.

If you’re using this palette or one similar you will grab your blending brush and dip it into the shade “coral.” Add the color to your crease and build the color by repeating this step 2-3 times. This  “coral” color will warm up any vibrant eye look.

Step 2

We’re going to add a teal color into the outer corner of the eye. This time you want to grab a more pointed blending brush and add this beauty matte blue color “beach ball.”  Make sure to repeat the step 2-3 times in order to show off this beautiful blue. This matte color will bring more of a smokier effect to the look so it will mimic a traditional eyeshadow look.

Step 3

This is my favorite step! Next, we’re adding a shimmer or metallic shadow that will blend with “beach ball.” I added a vibrant aqua color named “tidal wave” 3/4 onto the lid. When applying a color this sparkly you want to make sure to press it onto the lid and without rubbing it in. This will maximize the color payoff and for this step we’re using a small shader brush or flat shadow brush.

Step 4

In this step,, we’re adding the shade “bikini” to help open up the eye.  Place this color onto the rest of the lid and the inner corner of the eye. This shade is a soft lavender and will normalize the bright shades we have already added. Again, we’re pressing in the color with a flat sheer brush. Also, we are going to add a wing to this look because it will help accentuate the shape of the eye and tone down the colors.

Step 5

Now add lashes! I used the Vegas Nay Grand Glamour lash priced at 7.99 on Ulta. You can also boost your lashes with your favorite mascara on both the bottom and top lashes.

Now, you can confidently strut this bold look without the big round shoes.

Cosmetic Polygamy w| Neah Ivanna : Summer Eyes for your Summer Style

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