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Foundation 101 Part 2: "Let's Finish"

Foundation finishes are just as important as the type of foundation because it can alleviate the appearance of your skin . Meaning, foundation finishes can help your dry skin look moist or your oily skin look less slick. It can also help you correct your shopping experience at the makeup counter and help you understand why your skin is responding to your foundation the way it is. Here’s how to shop for the best finishes for your skin type. Without further ado let’s begin.

Foundations with a matte finish are best for oily skin because it consumes oil. It leaves oily skin with a more even complexion and a more airbrushed look. It wouldn’t work with other skin types because it’s heavier and will crease amongst the skin. In other words, it’ll give dry and combo skin with a dry T-zone a more aged appearance.

What works for combo/normal skin?

Semi-matte finish foundations will work best for skin that is in the middle because of your T-zone area. Most women with combo skin have greasy T-zone areas and dry cheeks. It will compliment you’re skin because it can be matte in the areas where you’re greasy and dewy in the areas where you’re dry.

What works for dry skin?

Dry skin definitely lacks moisture and can be cracked. It’s often easily irritated and works best with a nutrient filled foundation. Dewy finish foundations look amazing on skin that is dry because it provides a glow soft look. It makes your skin have a glistening affect and give the appearance of a more hydrated look. If you have oily skin it’s best to avoid dewy finishes because it makes your skin more oily.

Ladies keep this in mind when looking for your best coverage and finishes. If you’re still confused don’t hesitate to comment or check out Foundation 101 part 1 and stay tuned for more makeup related posts by me.

-Neah Ivanna

@CosmetcPolygamy Twitter

@NeahIvanna Instagram

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