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It is totally normal to want to be accepted, but lately it seems as if we live in a world where ‘likes’, followers and popularity determine a person’s self-value. Your confidence level should not depend upon how many people like your selfie you put three filters on. Everyone was created to look the way that they do. It is completely intentional and actually serves a purpose. For example, I was really insecure about my eyes for years. I was teased in school and called derogatory names. I wished I looked more like my version of normal. What I failed to realize was that I am not meant to be “normal”, whatever that is. No one is!

The very things I was insecure about have been the things that have helped create some of my strongest bonds, including my marriage. I have always been petite. In the community I grew up in, more voluptuous women were praised. I was told I should gain weight and needed to “fill out”. I was convinced there was something wrong with me.

As years went on, I became more and more comfortable with my small frame. My husband and I met online through mutual friends and when we decided to meet in person, we instantly bonded over being small. We had similar testimonies. Everything I had felt about my body, he had experienced also. It was such a beautiful experience to know that someone else “got me”.

Now I am able to travel and speak to women encouraging them to love themselves as they are. I’m a big fan of MUA Kandee Johnson, she is always so positive and equally beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Looking at her, you would never think that she has insecurities. She often shares a story about being at a make up trade show and seeing a gorgeous girl. Although, she wanted to compliment the girl she decided not to because she figured she probably got complimented all the time. The young lady ended up being a big fan of Kandee and was there to thank her for inspiring her to be herself. You may know someone and think they have the perfect life but we all have struggles. You just have to remind yourself that you can acknowledge someone else’s beauty without diminishing your own.

-Porchea Londone

Instagram: @porchea_landone

Twitter: @porchealandone

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