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Event Recap: "Stop Living By Myths, Live By Design"

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

All women need to be consistently motivated and inspired. With the help and radiance of Speaker Dr. Sunne-Ryse Smith, HERoines Inc. was able to do just that this past weekend. “Stop Living By Myths… Live by Design” challenged each woman to face the things they feared most – their dreams!

According to Dr. Smith, the first steps on the journey of accomplishing your dreams and long-term goals are:

Acknowledge them

Write your goals down

Share them with those closest to you

and most importantly, INVEST IN YOURSELF.

With these steps and a mere two hours to impact the room of women, she was able to extract a lot of emotional feedback and even enlightened some women to embark on new journeys after the workshop.

Along with guiding women towards their career goals and dreams, Dr. Sunne-Ryse also has partnership business with her husband (KySSMe) which offers relationship counseling.

–Kierra Leone

Instagram: @Kierraleone_ 

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thanks for the encouragement!!

Me gusta

Santiago Alvarez
Santiago Alvarez
11 sept 2020

amazing work <3

Me gusta
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